Finding Your Voice As A Musician

It can be argued that the most frustrating experience that an up and coming musician can have is being able to define their signature sound/voice. After all, you are just one piece, a cog, in the machine that is the world of music through the ages. No matter how much knowledge you acquire or how much time to invest in fine-tuning your craft, you sometimes you feel as though it’s all for nothing at all. A parallel, in terms of artistic frustration, would be that of writer’s block.

If there is one thing a musician must do in their journey to find his/her voice is that they need to separate the idea of stardom from doing it for the love of music. Musicians are always striving to achieve some level of success while being artistic, and this is dicey territory. One might say that being artistic and expressing one’s self through their music is ‘enough’, but that doesn’t pay the bills. Even if a musician is able to readily share their art with the world, they find that the reception of said art isn’t what they thought it might be. Validation as a musician can be all-encompassing. Just look at the various guitar-based video games that use crowd noise (positive and negative) to push the working musician to new levels of stardom. You need to understand the road to the top is a tough one.

Technology is all around us, and with that technology comes the inherent need to invest our time & energy into the techno-wizardry that promises to make you stand out from the crowd. There was a time when the technology available to musicians was the introduction of electricity to musical instruments, and these advances led to some of the most celebrated music of all time. Think further into the realm of classical music and opera. Nothing but the pure expression of sound coupled with masterfully composed works were needed. Sure, creativity & ingenuity are also important ways to gain inspiration, but it may be time to take a lesson from this simplicity with your own music at times.

Finally, one thing a musician can do to find his/her voice is to stop listening to everything for a bit here and there. This is hard to do as musicians use their ear as their most vital tools when expanding their sonic appreciation. This habit, however, can have consequences because musicians get into their own heads. They begin to doubt their own abilities, and worst yet, they begin to compare their abilities to others & wonder why they aren’t as good. At times of great artistic frustration, you need to depend on yourself the most, and being mired in self-doubt will do you no good.

Remember that finding your voice as a musician is, at its most elemental, finding a way to express who you are as a person. Drown out the noise, and trust in yourself.

Best Techno Remix Techniques

In this day and age, with the ubiquity of computers (chances are, you’re reading this article on one), more and more people are creating art digitally. Music is no different. The home studio has transformed from a mainly hardware-based structure to a virtual modular set-up. You can literally spend $0 and have the tools required to make a great techno remix.

As a music lover and virtual studio advocate, it pains me to see the vast majority of my fellow techno-heads not even try to make their own mixes, let alone create original techno or other electronic music. The solution? People must be made aware of the ease with which they can mix, remix, and compose techno, dance, or whatever style they’re into. Three things are important when it comes to setting up a virtual “soft-studio” (a music studio comprised entirely of virtual instruments, mixes and sound sources). These are:

1. Output. By this I mean the speakers. Using headphones can give you a great advantage when it comes to mixing something with accuracy. Mixing is basically putting instruments and drums into their respective places so everything sounds good together.

2. Mixing application. The mixing software is important especially when pursuing a career as a virtual DJ. You must feel comfortable with manipulating the software controls and with finding, mixing and matching the tracks in your library. This is the most important choice when it comes to being a hardware-free DJ. (You may still need some hardware later on to really have the computer seem like an extension of your body.)

3. Raw material. “What does he mean?” What do I mean? I mean the necessary audio files required to make unique, powerful remixes. Acapella audio tracks and a beat: mix these two and you have a remix.

It’s not always as easy as this, though. Many people experienced in the art of remixing know it takes time to really get things going. The intuition that experience builds is really essential. Perhaps this should have been one of the essential ingredients.

Maclaren’s Prestigious Techno XT Stroller

The Maclaren Techno XT is appropriate for new born infants and up to or 55 lb. The luxurious seat is tremendously comfortable and there are shoulder pads and a head hugger to give necessary support for the baby throughout their development. The extendable leg rest can be changed to suit the infant as they grow up offering extra support preventing them from getting aching legs on longer strolls. The seat has four reclining options that are straight forward for the parent to engage. The infant will be safely restrained by the five point harness that has adjustable shoulder straps so as to always give the best fit as the baby matures. Maclaren appreciate how significant it is to preserve the sanitation standards of the infant’s surroundings and so the Techno XT sporty seat can be separated for washing. Maclaren also provide the choice to acquire a reversible seat liner that is obtainable in numerous different colours and patterns.

The ergonomic handles can be altered and will stop the parent from becoming sore whilst out walking with a bent back. Underneath the seat is a shopping basket that is perfect for carrying the daily groceries home. Situated on top of the back wheels is the simultaneous parking brake that allows the parent to bring the pushchair to a standstill with the foot pedal that will stop the buggy from continuing away if positioned on an incline.

The Techno XT is ready for a trip out with their baby no matter what the weather offers. The XT comes with a snug rain cover that will offer protection from the wind and rain for the tot. The big integrated canopy is water resistant and features a viewing pane with sun visor that gives UV protection from the unsafe sun rays. The hood can also be inclined to offer additional sun defence. For best possible defence from the sun the parent has the choice to acquire a corresponding parasol. The back of the hood has well-situated pockets for keeping personal items. There are high visibility markings on the hood to make sure that the buggy is visible by motorists during the dark evenings. To keep away pests Maclaren have designed a mosquito net for the Techno XT that is sold separately. And for chilly days Maclaren also recommend a range of foot muffs that will keep the baby cosy.

The 16.5cm wheels are fitted with a supplementary safety aspect by having high visibility wheel hubs that will alert the quick motorists during the winter months. The parent is given the decision of having the front wheels fixed or pivoting and their selection will be made based on where they are going. If they are contemplating a visit to a hectic event they would be recommended to have the wheels swiveling as the Techno XT will be much simpler to guide around people and other obstructions. The locked wheels would be more apt to a walk along wide sidewalks where the topography is even and there are a smaller number of obstacles. The front and rear wheel suspension guarantees a comfortable journey for the baby as the buggy glides along.

The Techno XT comprises the Maclaren umbrella fold device that can be arranged in just five seconds with just one hand resulting in a compressed pushchair that can be stored smartly at home or into the back of any small family car. The firmly attached leash makes it straightforward to transfer the lightweight stroller on and off of public transport. For parents going on vacation Maclaren have designed a stylish carrying hold all to house the buggy and is sold individually.

Maclaren supply a lifetime warranty on all of their pushchair frames such is their confidence in these light weight durable aluminium chassis.

Techno Music Making Program – Bullet Fast And So Easy To Use!

If you’re looking for a great Techno music making program then you should look for a program called Reason.

There are so many things that make Reason the best program for making Techno. But I know you probably want to get started so I’ll just give you my top four “reasons for using Reason” as your Techno music making program. (A terrible joke I know.)

You will also find a link at the bottom of this article to a site that will show you how to make Techno really quickly.

Let’s begin…

1. It’s All About Space – If you look back at any of the big Techno acts from the nineties their studios had to be massive. They would have to rent out a recording studio each month and then buy racks and racks of expensive gear to really get a good sound.

Well you can forget all that…because that massive studio is all their inside Reason which you can run on any tiny little laptop.

2. The Drum Beats Are Wicked – First of all you get a mad drum machine in there called the ReDrum, which can give you the pounding bass drum for the heartbeat of the track. And then you can add your own break beat with the drum sampler. The amazing thing about the sampler is that you can record any beat and it will chop it up into samples for you so that you can add it to any tempo.

3. Works With Everything – The only downside with this Techno music making program is that it does not let you record proper audio like a lead vocal. But the solution they have come up with is to let you run Reason as a plugin to any of the top audio recording programs on the market. Sweet!

4. The Price – Compared to all that junk I mentioned earlier Reason will set you back just a fraction of the cost of all that stuff and it’s much easier to use.

It’s a total no brainier for budding Techno junkies.

Check it out now.